Meta title: The tools that drive our PLG motion.

Meta description: In this post we reveal our PLG tool stack. How do we optimise for product growth and avoid a sales led strategy?

The user journey is a complicated process.

From hearing about a product to signing up, from trying it out to finding value, and from loving it to shouting about it from the rooftops, there are a number of incremental changes in mindset required of every user before becoming a productive advocate.

Each of these changes require a different method of nurture.

And the nurturing of these changes has never been more important, with end-users showing increasing influence into buying decisions as the B2B world continues to learn from B2C.

Our arsenal ⚔️

Choose your fighter

Choose your fighter

Choosing tooling is never straightforward, and every stack will suit a different team.

Userflow describes succinctly the different categories of product-led tooling, expanding on the infamous 🏴‍☠️ AAARR ☠️ framework and targeting each area of nurture.

This provides a clear framework for the types of tools required. Here’s our lineup:


This is all about generating traffic. How do we bring Userled into the view of our future buyers?

Similarly to how Userflow suggest, we have found that investing fully in one social media is most effective. Learning to play by a platform’s rules takes time and commitment, and spreading these efforts thinly reduces total reach.

LinkedIn serves a wealth of guides and tips from B2B personalities and growth experts, making it the ideal platform for sharing Userled’s mission.

The product led world loves communities, and rightly so. We foster our own Userled Slack community and try to share ideas with other communities whenever possible, bringing the likeminded together and growing both groups.

For landing page analytics, Google Analytics and ClearBit tell us about how much traffic we’re seeing and from who, while Hotjar provides us with heatmaps and session recordings, allowing us to understand which areas of the site attract the most interest.