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A bit about me

Hey stranger! I’m Tristan 👋 thanks for taking the time to read my bio 🫂

Before starting, I worked

When I’m not at my computer i’m avoiding screens altogether if I can. Two of my favourite past times are Gliding ✈ and Surfing 🏄‍♀️ I’ll admit, life in London doesn’t fit those lifestyles too well.. so I get out of town to travel a fair bit 😎

I enjoy venturing around the city with mates, getting up to no good, doing my best to remember to keep fit and the casual bit of reading (usually around behavioural psychology and the odd philosophical book).

What drives me?

Well, i’m glad you asked. Building cool shit with an awesome team and sprinkled with some sweet sweet customer love. That’s why I started Userled in the first place. Yann and I found a big ol’ opportunity in the market and we’re building the best team in the biz to build a killer product as we all make our way to the 🚀🌖.

Jokes aside, what excites me is potential. The potential in an idea, in a business, in a market — and unlocking the potential in people.

The best way to work with me is...